Career and Life Education Program

Careers with Wings Youth Programs

Supporting young people with living their dreams via interactive, tailored and fun workshops.

Soul Searching Support

Discover who you are

Participants go through exercises to discover who they are, what they love, what they are good at, and the difference they want to make.

Career Support

Practical Career and Life Tools

In-person and live steam a variety of successful CEO's, Business Owners, and Specialized Professional, share and interact.

Brightness of Future

Uncover Your Passion and Purpose

Youth who complete the program have a better understanding of who they are, why the are here, and know how to live their dreams

Passion Purpose Academy is a social enterprise that focuses on supporting at risk college and high school youth through career and life training through our Careers with Wings Program to help them discover who they are, what they love, their strengths, practical job skills - networking, interviewing, resume, cover letter/LinkedIn, find mentors and how to create a strategic road map to help them live a life of their dreams.  Often, this is the first time they have heard their dream is possible. We deliver our programs through after school programs, schools and youth organizations in dynamic and interactive workshops where expert faculty are brought in to support the youth with tips on how to find jobs/internships in the areas of their interest.

Why Choose Us?

Youth who participate in a Careers with Wings Youth Program are equipped with personal and professional tools to help them navigate their way to live their dreams.

Programs can be designed for 1 day to a year long, with the 6 Week Course being most popular.

Programs are tailored to align with each school or organization's focus mission and goals.

Extensive local, national and international network leveraged to bring in speakers and opportunities tailored to student's interest.

Instructors bring extensive career and life coaching/training and experiential education experience.

Who It's Designed For?

  • 9-12 Grade High School Students
  • College and University Students
  • Youth Based Organizations
  • After School Programs
  • Local and National Non-Profits
  • At Opportunity Based Organizations

"Careers with Wings has given me connections to the outside world and   several job opportunities opened up to me because of the program."  

Robert  /// Senior, Mission Bay High School, San Diego, CA

"In a moment, she shifted their consciousness from a narrow, self-centered focus to a global and empowered perspective where they saw how they could contribute to making our world a better place."

Margaret Malek  /// 5th Grade Teacher, Reynolds Elementary, Oceanside Unified School District, CA.

I had the privilege and honor of having Marcy Morrison lead a “Passion + Purpose = World Change” lesson with my thirty-five 5th grade students in the fall of 2017.  Marcy’s passion and compassion for the students poured out of her heart and soul and she instantly established rapport with them!  The children were captivated by her presentation of the 17 Global Goals established by the United Nations to end world poverty by 2030.  

Every student was eager to share their passion and how they could connect their interests and possible careers to one of the Global Goals. That cool, crisp autumn day, our class became global citizens who were committed to sharing their gifts with the world.  

The class created a fundraiser, decorated Peace Rocks, and sold them at our Harvest Fair. They raised enough money to sponsor a child in Africa which paid for 2 uniforms, 2 meals a day, and education for a year. That experience will stay with the students for a life time.  Thank you, Marcy for living your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula so you can inspire and motivate our youth to find their place as global contributors!!!!  

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