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Whether you are in high school, trying to figure out where to study and you are uncertain about your career path, or you are in college and trying to figure out internships and jobs - we know it can be overwhelming - where do you even start?  

We have the answers for you. 

 We offer a Careers with Wings Youth Coaching Program tailored to you.

  • Uncover what you love, what you are good at, and the difference you want to make.
  • Then tie your passion and purpose to how it relates to what you study in; college, internships, and jobs.

  • We get you ready to succeed in career and life by helping you:
  • Develop your Resume/Cover Letter/LinkedIn
  • Learn Networking, Interviewing, and Salary Negotiation Skills
  • Connect You With people who are in fields That You Are Interested In
  • Create a vision of a life you love 
  • Internships/Job Opportunities
  • Develop a strategic road map to help you live the life of your dreams

BEAU BRESSLER ///  Research Analyst

"I landed a job through her introductions, after only working with her for a month."

Marcy supported me during a difficult job search. She taught me how to network, helped me improve my resume, cover letter, and self-presentation skills, and helped me clarify how I want my career to look. Marcy goes the extra-mile for her clients, and deeply cares about her clients' success. I highly recommend her.

KATY ELKIND /// High School Student

"I had been struggling with figuring out what I wanted to study, as well as, what future career that might lead into."

I have absolutely loved working with Marcy and she has been a tremendous help to me in discovering my direction in life. I am currently a senior in high school and, as I was applying to colleges. Marcy worked with me to uncover my passions, skills, and talents and to connect these all to a college major which would lead me into my best fit career. Marcy knew exactly the correct questions to ask to have me look inside myself and bring my passion for youth and accessible quality education to the forefront of my search.

Marcy also shared with me many career paths which I would otherwise have never considered and which align with my skills and interests. I now have so many opportunities accessible to me from Marcy connecting me to a multitude of inspiring individuals in her network for informational interviews. She also helped me to develop many practical skills that will serve me throughout my life, such as networking skills and resume building.

 Thank you, Marcy, for all of your support and dedication to my future. Thanks to you, I entering the next chapter of my life with confidence in my purpose and in the direction I am heading. 

Your children will learn how to create a clear vision for a life that they love in all areas, along with a strategic plan on how to get there.

Message to Parents

As parents ourselves, we understand that you want to do whatever you can to support your kids with living a life of their dreams - where they are happy and fulfilled. What we understand is that high school doesn’t really prepare kids with career/life skills and doesn’t help them uncover their passion and purpose, what they want to major in during college and develop a strategic road map to help them get to where they want to go through college and after college. What we have seen from our experience of coaching and working with youth is they want to:

  • Uncover what it is that; they love, what they are good at, and tie it to making a difference.

  • They also will connect with adults in the fields they are interested in to; learn about their journey, create mentor relationships, find out about internship and job opportunities and how all of this understanding can help them determine what they want to study in college.

  • Learn the career/life skills they need to succeed including how to create resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, as well as, learning how to network, interview and negotiate salaries.  

Pick a Package


Where you are, where you want to go, your passions, your purpose, your strengths & interests



  • Putting together the pieces of your passion puzzle

  • suggestions on possible college majors & career path

  • Strategic road map for where you want to go
  • practical job search tips
DREAM Pathways

Designed for juniors/seniors in high school and college students who are looking to apply and interview for internships/jobs



  • Everything in Power Pack
  • 3 Months of Weekly Sessions
  • connect with coach whenever needed 
  • In depth strategic job search planning and organizational skills

  • Support with networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation skills

  • uncover opportunities and differentiate yourself
  • Connections To Our Network For Informational Interviews And Internship/Job Opportunities

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