We just finished the first series of our 6 week Careers with Wings/Passion Purpose Academy (www.passionpurposeacademy) Program at Mission Bay High School with www.arc-experience.com and have you ever had that moment that your heart is overflowing with so much happiness and love that you feel it is going to burst?  Well that is how I have been feeling throughout this whole program and especially on the last session when we really got to reflect with the students on how this has tremendously helped them and when I heard them say how grateful and how much they appreciated this program and both Eric and I and all of the speakers – I could feel their appreciation in my heart.  That is why we do what we do – it is to help these young people live their dreams and I feel like we are doing this – they said we are helping them do this.   I love how Eric says – this is a magical program put together by magical people and magical people come and magic happens – that is so true.   I feel so blessed to be living my passion and purpose – there is no better feeling – Wow.

In the last blog post, I shared the first three weeks, so I would love to share with you the second three weeks. 

Week 4 – my dear friend Allen Maxwell, CEO of Omni2Max (www.omni2max.com) came in to share his inspiring journey from growing up in a rough/poor neighborhood in Philadelphia to joining the Navy and rising the ranks to a Naval Officer to working in the defense contracting world to starting his own high tech defense contracting company Omni2Max that just got listed on the Inc 5000 List.   Allen shared how he had to learn and use a lot of life skills to get to where he is – perseverance, overcoming adversity, believing in himself, resilience, grit, vision, focus, discipline, integrity.  He really inspired the students that were there that day to hear him speak.  And Allen truly is one the not only most inspiring people I know – he is also the most generous.   And he not only brought the best giveaways – he also offered to talk to the students about jobs/internships at his company.  My favorite part of the day was when one of the students – said “Thank you Mr. Maxwell for coming here today to inspire us with your story and offer to talk to us about jobs/internships – when can I start?”  Wow that made my heart happy – that student was practicing going after opportunities when they present themselves and that is exactly what happened that day and the students are taking Allen up on his offer.  Also that day, Rob Morrison, CTO of GovX (www.govx.com) came in and shared what his company does and all of the roles within his company.  Rob also offered to do informational interviews with any students who were interested in speaking to him and with Rob’s background in software development – there are a lot of young people interested in that topic.   We also covered how to you talk about your accomplishments in your resume, LinkedIn, cover letters and in interviewing.   Also super cool that I found out the former counselor from my own kids high school was now at the Head Counselor at Mission Bay High School and came by to visit and was super impressed by our program and helped us spread the word to more students at the school.  From all this, it also demonstrated to the students how important it is to continue to create, build and nurture your relationships/connections.

Week 5 – I had to two dear friends come to speak – Sara Cloostermans who is a Marriage Family Therapist and Annette Gregg who is a Senior Regional VP in the areas of event planning, meetings, conferences.  Interesting – what we didn’t even think about was the fact that we didn’t realize we would be competing with Halloween festivities.  However, we didn’t let this stop us – we went to the festivities and found one student from our program and encouraged her to come.  It turned out this was the perfect day for her to come.  She learned so much from Sara and also Annette was her key to her dream.  Part of Annette’s job is to hire talent and this student has talent – she sings, dances, performs so Annette connected her to the agent she uses to book talent.  And then this student went outside our class and brought in her friend who is also a performer and got him connected to the agent too.  Lesson for the students – show up – you never know what golden opportunity may drop in your lap.

Week 6 – last week in this series.   We covered how to find opportunities and how to create a life of our dreams.  We had the students fill out a post survey and from what they shared in the survey and verbally both to me and in videos – they said this has truly supported them in all the ways we said we would support them from the beginning and what we shared in the curriculum.  They said they feel they have the skills to create their dream live and they feel more confident and believe in themselves even more.  They also said they felt that we really cared about them and that they appreciated that we took the time to get to know them and their passions/interests and tailor this program to them and bring in speakers who could support them with their dreams.  The best part is they asked us to come back in the Winter/Spring 2019 – they want this program to keep going – they like being with us and learning from us and want our continue support to help them live their dreams.  Well I have to say thanks to the students and to arc – because this is a dream come true to me.  This is my Passion + Purpose = World Change formula to help others live their dreams, especially young people.

I am excited for the journey that is ahead to continue to support these young people and many more.  We are in talks with other schools and programs and we are also in talks with corporate partners/sponsors to help us fund what we are doing to reach more students and also as partners – they can serve as mentors, provide trainings and internships/jobs.   The world is our oyster and the sky is the limit and we will do what it takes to help as many young people as we can live their dreams.  If you want to talk to us about partnering whether you are a school, program, individual, business or other- we would love to hear from you – you can reach me at marcy@careerswithwings.com and our websites are www.passionpurposeacademy.com and www.careerswithwings.com.   We look forward to hearing from you.