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Passion + Purpose = World Change is a program facilitated by Career Coach and published author Marcy Morrison of Careers with Wings (www.careerswithwings.com) along with Eric Mowrey, Creative Director/Videographer.  This program is designed for high school students – grades 10-12.  Through interactive workshops and one on one coaching, students will learn to uncover and live their passion and purpose and tie that to making a difference in the world. Also included are tangible steps that they will learn and take with them, to best prepare them to determine the right major to study in college and steps to take during and after college to land their dream job.  This program can be tailored for any size group and can also be done in a one hour assembly, weekly after school programs retreats and other forms tailored to each school/program/organization and their needs.



Knowing yourself/loving yourself/trust your gut/believe in yourself

What do you love/What are your strengths

What is the difference you want to make in your community/the world

How do you market/sell who are you and what you want to do

How do you build a support team/How do you network/Life Skills – perseverance, grit, respect, resilience, integrity, responsiveness, preparation, follow through, determination

Steps to take to live your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula and to get ready to land your dream internship and job tying in the resume, interviewing, networking, entrepreneurship

We partner with organizations, business and individuals to help with internships/jobs and also tap into our large and diverse global network of business professionals to bring them in to speak with the students about their career path and industry and opportunities as well as provide opportunities

Marcy is on the Steering Committee for the Community Alliance for Youth Success and has spoken to hundreds of high school students during Youth Success Week.   Marcy also helped build the Career Horizons Program for Young Women for Just in Time for Foster Youth (www.jitfosteryouth.org).  Eric is also very active with CAYS and has served as the videographer/storyteller of the CAYS journey.  Eric has also created videos for Oceanside Unified School District, Quantum Learning Network among many other world changing companies, people and organizations.