Hello from Marcy & Eric!

Merging Our Passion, Purpose, and Talents to Support Young People to Uncover and Live Their Passion + Purpose = World Change Formulas.

About Us

Marcy Morrison of Careers with Wings and Eric Mowrey of Focused Video met in January 2016 when volunteering and living their own Passion + Purpose = World Change formulas to help support young people to live their dreams.

Marcy received guidance in a meditation in 2017 to create a Passion Purpose Academy.   The answer for how to create this was right in front of Eric and Marcy.   Eric is a Videographer/Creative Director/Storyteller and Marcy is Career & Life Weaver and they have been on a mission to merge their talents to help even more young people, adults and families live their dreams and they know this is possible via Passion Purpose Academy.

Supporting Youth-Who We Are

Marcy has been a career/life weaver for over 12 years with her own company Careers with Wings and has helped hundreds of people including youth live their Passion + Purpose = World Change Formulas via coaching, speaking, her two books, and workshops.

Starting in Fall 2018, Marcy and Eric launched their Careers with Wings/ Passion + Purpose = World Change Program in partnership with arc afterschool programs at Mission Bay High School in San Diego. 

In Fall 2019, Marcy and Eric launched their Passion Purpose Academy with the San Pasqual Reservation Education Center high school and middle school youth. 

For the last 4 years, Marcy has supported youth programs and has spoken to hundreds of high school students during two major events.

For the last 9 years, Marcy has been involved with Just in Time for Foster Youth and helped build the Career Horizons Program for Young Women for Just in Time for Foster Youth. For an article about Marcy’s involvement with Just in Time – click here.


Marcy is also passionate about supporting her own two sons (18 and 15) to help them live their own passion and purpose.

Marcy has her Master’s Degree from the School of Global Policy and Strategy from the University of California, San Diego with a focus on International Management/Latin America and her Bachelor’s Degree from James Madison University in International Relations/Spanish.

Eric is a Creative Director/Videographer and also serves as a Logistics Supervisor for experiential worldwide education programs – Money & You and Business School Excellerated.  Eric also serves as the Communications Manager for Careers with Wings.

As a master videographer/storyteller, Eric has created videos for Oceanside Unified School District, Quantum Learning Network among many other world changing companies, people and organizations.

Eric has his Bachelor’s Degree from California State University Long Beach in Fine Arts/Education.


What We Do

The Academy Supports People on Their Passion Purpose Journey with

Live Events

Full Day, Weekend, or Guest Speaker, Interactive Workshops


Marcy’s two books support you on your Passion Purpose journey

Digital Media Production

Leveraging technology to share the message worldwide.

School Programs

Programs designed inside and outside of school for teens and recent graduates.

Online Programs

The Passion Purpose Journey online course is available for download.


Worldwide retreats designed to engage and prosper.  Look for announcements.