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Our Passion and Purpose

Passion Purpose Academy provides results based, education and training for youth to develop the necessary skills to uncover and pursue their dream career journey.


San Pasqual Reservation Education Department

with a Field Trip to ResMed

Guest speakers tailored to the youths interests including speaking about: Indigenous Economy, Hip-Hop Dance, Psychology, and more…

Part of U.N.I.T.Y. Leadership advisory committee, fundraising for national conference in July.

Organizing 1st Annual – Kumeyaay Beach and Surf Day to be held in Sept. in partnership with the Windansea Surf Club, InterTribal Youth, and many local businesses.

 –YEAR 2-

Our second year at the Education Center, starts in a couple weeks!

While the upcoming school year, is going to look and act like completly new, we are super excited to bring an new, digital and super safe outdoor, hybrid progam.

 Program Partners Include:

Come See Careers with Wings!

Checkout everything about the 8-Week Careers with Wings Program at Mission Bay High School, in San Diego, CA.

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Passion Purpose Academy LIVE!

Engaging and Inspiring!

We have had the privilege of having Marcy present to our students in our independent study program several times & her message has impacted our students tremendously. She is both engaging & inspiring, making the connection with lives who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience such a life changing event. Thank you Marcy, for all you do for our youth!

Jessica Poumele – Principal, Clair Burgener Academy

Students and Staff Love the Message!

I’ve watched our students sit mesmerized by her powerful message as they reflected on their own passion and purpose and how they personally will impact changing the world.

It is always an honor to be in her presence as you are able to feel her genuineness in her continued work of changing the world one life at a time. Thanks for all you do for our kids and staff!

Dr. Duane Coleman- Past Superintendent, Oceanside Unified School District

Guiding Others to Gain Insights & Discover Their Own

Marcy works with all ages, from school children, to young adults, to business people, to the community at-large. Her stories inspire as she guides others to gain insights and discover their own. It changes everything in one’s life. I highly recommend her!”

Bobbi DePorter- Founder, SuperCamp and Quantum Learning

Powerful, Poignant and Produces Results

Marcy’s approach is powerful, poignant and produces palpable results. Thank you for helping us honor our highest selves and collectively serving to elevate humanity.

Neville Billimoria- Chief Advocacy Officer, Mission Federal Credit Union

Supporting Youth to Live Their Dreams

Engaging, interactive programs and coaching to help youth uncover and live their Passion + Purpose = World Change formulas.

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Live Events Experiences

Partnering with  schools, organizations, events, conferences, retreats and customized to each group, we love lighting up our community and our world with passion and purpose .

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Careers with Wings Youth Coaching

We love to support people of all ages with coaching to help them  uncover and live their Passion + Purpose = World. Over a decade of success results with adults and young people.

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Partnering with Others

We partner with others to help youth uncover and live their Passion + Purpose = World Change formula.  Let us know how  can we partner with you?

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Digital Media Services

We create and produce all our content in-house & offer it as a valuable service! Specializing in video production for Education & Non-Profit Organizations. 

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Come Meet More Passion Purpose People

We love to share stories of friends living their dreams and who are helping to make this world a better place.

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Success Toolset

Engaging, interactive programs and coaching to help youth uncover and live their Passion + Purpose = World Change formulas.

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San Pasqual Reservation Education Department

Includes a Field Trip to ResMed headquarters in San Diego.

 Guest speakers tailored to the group’s interests include:

Indigenous Economy, Hip-Hop Dance, Psychology, Entreprenuership, State Legislator, and more…