Whether you are a school, organization, company, or individual – we would love to partner with you so together we can make an even bigger impact in supporting young people live their dreams. 


Passion Purpose Academy knows that for us to make the biggest impact possible – we have to partner with like minded schools, organizations, companies, and individuals who are in alignment with our passion and purpose to help young people live their dreams.  So how can you partner with us.


  • Bring our program to your school



  • Bring our program to your organization



Partnership with companies is not just about us receiving financial support from companies – this is about partnering in many ways to support young people,

  • So how can you partner with us:
    • Underwrite our programs
    • Visibility in our programs in materials/handouts/our website, and by providing giveways to students with company branding
    • Being a part of the program – speaking, sharing your companies mision/work, sharing your own journey
    • Mentoring
    • Providing a tour of your company
    • Providing internships and jobs
  • How can we partner with you
    • Come to your company and do passion/purpose workshops/coaching
    • Help you tell your company story and individuals in your company stories via multimedia digital production


All packages we do are customized and tailored to each partner we work with – let’s set up a time to meet so we can get to know you and what is exciting to you about helping young people and let’s make a bigger impact together.



  • Help us underwrite the cost of our program – be recognized as a sponsor
  • Mentor

What We Do

The Academy Supports People on Their Passion Purpose Journey with

Live Events

Full Day, Weekend, or Guest Speaker, Interactive Workshops


Marcy’s two books support you on your Passion Purpose journey

Digital Media Production

Leveraging technology to share the message worldwide.

School Programs

Programs designed inside and outside of school for teens and recent graduates.

Online Programs

The Passion Purpose Journey online course is available for download.


Worldwide retreats designed to engage and prosper.  Look for announcements.