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Supporting others in uncovering and living their Passion + Purpose = World Change Formulas – a life filled with dreams come true for you, others and the world.

Coaching with Marcy

Marcy Morrison Interviews Former Client Now Friend Ken Davenport.  Ken came to Marcy in search of his passion and purpose.   From the outside, Ken has what society would call success – two Master’s Degrees, Built and Sold Companies, Beautiful Wife/Son.  But Ken knew there was something more and reached out to Marcy support him discover what it was.  We first got clear on what he loves and what is important to him in his life.  He realized his family was central so his next step had to include time to spend with them.  Through our work together, Ken also discovered that it was important for him to make a difference/have a purpose and tie his skills to doing that.   From this, we uncovered that Ken wanted to use his leadership skills to make a difference in the community.  From here, Marcy made connections within her network to help him find ways he could do that.   And that is what happened – Ken found Mission Edge ( where is now the CEO and he is making a big difference in our community in San Diego.  Mission Edge provides back office support to over 50 non-profits in San Diego.   Yay Passion + Purpose = World Change Success Story.  Let’s us help you uncover and live your dreams and make the difference you are here to make.

Her excitement and   energy is inspiring.”

Marcy has had a huge impact on my almost three-year journey developing a career I’m passionate about. She truly cares for her clients, and from day one she has been one of my biggest supporters.

Since first meeting Marcy, I’ve built a much stronger network in San Diego and now have my own PR consulting business that is allowing me to explore my passion for the arts, science and education. What an amazing journey! Without a doubt, the first call you should make if you’re struggling to find your passion in your career is to Marcy.

Kim Richards – STEAM/STEM Public Relations


“I have to honestly say that it     changed my life.”

Marcy offers a powerful combination of intuition and business savvy.  Great if you’re pondering a job change, career change, re-entry into the workforce, even retirement.”

Tara Nitahara



In 2007, Marcy Morrison founded Careers with Wings with the mission to help others uncover and live their Passion + Purpose = World Change Formulas.  It pained Marcy when she would watch people go to jobs that they were not passionate about and where they felt like going to work was a prison sentence – uggghh that is not fun for anyone.  Marcy believes that the world needs us all to do what we love and do what we are brought here to do. Marcy sees each person as a multi-faceted puzzle and when the pieces are put together and celebrated – the magic can happen – where people love what they do and can make the biggest impact – making not only their lives wonderful but those lives that they affect wonderful as well – that includes families, friends, communities and strangers. People are not meant to be put into a box but are meant to be celebrated for their uniqueness and their incredible gifts that they are meant to be shared with the world.

So Marcy began her mission to help as many people as she could live their dreams – that led her to career/life coaching, writing two books “Finding Your Passion: An Easy Guide to Your Dream Career” and “Falling in Love with Me: A Personal Journey and A Guide to Falling in Love with You” (in English/Spanish), over 30 media appearances (, speaking/facilitating workshops, working in the outplacement industry – helping assist layoffs and helping people uncover and live their passion and purpose after they lost their job.  Marcy has helped hundreds of people uncover and live their Passion + Purpose = World Change Formula.  And by partnering with Eric Mowrey and with Careers with Wings Coaching now as a part of Passion Purpose Academy Programs – Eric and Marcy know that their impact will be even wider and stronger and that they can help even more people.

We Are Excited to Help You Live the Life of Your Dreams.


Come join me on a magical journey to discover you, your passions, your purpose and the difference you want to make in this world. One thing I can assure you is that this is not a cookie cutter program – this is designed for YOU to support YOU so you can live your dreams. 

Feel free to visit the testimonials on my website to see how I have worked with others to support them and take note of how they feel from our experience of working together – one of my best gifts is that I deeply care about each person I work with and I am there walking side by side with each client as a guide, facilitator, personal cheerleader and a strategist.

The first step is to first answer these questions and send your answers in the contact section of my website so I can assess if this is the right program for you and we are the right match for each other.

  • Why do you feel that you need a coach?
  • Why is important to you to uncover and live your passion and purpose and make a difference in the world?
  • Do you know what your passions and purpose are and the difference you want to make?
  • If so what are they?
  • What support do you need to live your dreams?
  • Why do you feel that I am the right coach for you?
  • Are you ready to make a commitment to coaching and living your dreams? If so, please tell me what commitment looks like to you.

Once I assess your answers to these questions and determine if we are a match, I will reach out to you to set up a 1 hour complimentary call to get to know you more, your dreams and we can talk about how I can support you. From there we will design a program uniquely crafted for you – either 3 months, 6 months or a year depending on what you want to accomplish and the support that you need.

So don’t hesitate any longer – the world needs you to live your passion & purpose and make the difference that you are here to make & imagine the fulfillment you will feel with waking up with energy, enthusiasm & passion living your passion & purpose. Let’s get started!

 “I was able to re-establish     my passions.”

“In just the 3 short months I worked with her to clarify my professional and personal goals and, along with helping me refine my own set of talents and tools, gain a new-found confidence to go after them!

I now have a clearer career path in front of me – am even taking the first steps towards starting my own business – and I am well set-up to take my once vague hopes and distant “someday” dreams and translate them into a tangible reality in the very near future!” 

Allison Francis

What We Do

The Academy Supports People on Their Passion Purpose Journey with

Live Events

Full Day, Weekend, or Guest Speaker, Interactive Workshops


Marcy’s two books support you on your Passion Purpose journey

Digital Media Production

Leveraging technology to share the message worldwide.

School Programs

Programs designed inside and outside of school for teens and recent graduates.

Online Programs

The Passion Purpose Journey online course is available for download.


Worldwide retreats designed to engage and prosper.  Look for announcements.